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Question Paper | Uttarakhand HJS (Pre) 2011 | Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination 2011

Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2011

Section- A

Question Number: 11-20

11. According to which Article of the Constitution of India, the law declared by the Supreme Court shall be binding on all Courts within the territory of India ?
(A) Article 123
(B) Article 136
(C) Article 137
(D) Article 141

12. The concept of "Judicial Review" has been borrowed from the Constitution of-
(B) UK
(D) Canada

13. How long a person continue to be a Minister without being a member of either house of Parliament?
(A) Three months
(B) Six months
(C) One year
(D) There is no time limit prescribed

14. Sundar Lal Bahuguna is known to be a-
(A) Environmentalist
(B) Historian
(C) Scientist
(D) Mathematician

15. Yen is the name of the currency of-
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) Korea
(D) Indonesia

16. Right to Information Act came into force in the year-
(A) 2009
(B) 2007
(C) 2008
(D) 2005

17. To which country does the intelligence agency "Mossad" belong-
(A) Russia
(B) Israel
(C) Indonesia
(D) Afghanistan

18. The full form of "SEZ" is-
(A) Special Environmental Zone
(B) Special Economic Zone
(C) Special Ecological Zone
(D) None of the above

19. Who was the first Attorney Genera of India?
(A) C.K. Daphtary
(B) M.S. Setalvad
(C) Ashok Sen
(D) Lalmani Sinha

20. Who was the first Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India?
(A) Justice M.C. Mahajan
(B) Justice Sudhir Ranjan Das
(C) Justice B.K. Mukherjee
(D) Justice H.J. Kania

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