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Question Paper | HCS(JB) (Pre) 2011 | Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Exam- 2011

HCS (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination 2011

Question Number: 91-100

91. In criminal trials, the accused justification of an offence
a. beyond reasonable doubt
b. prima facie
c. substantially has to establish his plea mitigation or
d. partially

92. Necessity rule as to the admissibility of evidence is applicable, when the maker of a statement
a. is dead or has become incapable of giving evidence
b. is a person who can be found but his attendance cannot be procured without unreasonable delay or expenses
c. is a person who cannot be found
d. all of the above

93. Re-examination of a witness
a. can be for the purposes of filling what is left-over in examination-in-chief
b. can be for the purposes of explaining the matters referred to in cross examination.
c. can be for the purposes of explaining the matters referred to in the examination-in-chief.
d. all the above

94. Section 105 of Evidence Act applies to
a. criminal trials
b. civil trials
c. both (a) & (b)
d. neither (a) nor (b)

95. Testimony of an accomplice before it is accepted &acted upon
a. must be corroborated from the testimony of another accomplice.
b. must be corroborated from an independent source
c. need not be corroborated at all
d. either (a) or (c)

96. The term "character" as explained in Section 55 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, means
a. good and bad character
b. reputation and disposition of general nature
c. reputation formed on the basis of particular disposition
d. character in a criminal act

97. Under the law of evidence, as a general rule
a. opinion on a matter of fact is relevant but not on a matter of law
b. opinion on a matter of law is relevant but not on a matter of fact
c. opinion on a matter of fact and law both are relevant
d. opinion whether on a matter of fact or law, is irrelevant

98. A post-marriage agreement to live separately in future is
a. void
b. voidable
c. yalid
d. invalid

99. After the passing of a decree for judicial separation, co-habitation is
a. obligatory
b. not obligatory
c. directory
d. either(a) or (c)

100. Degrees of prohibited relationship include relationship by
a. blood
b. half or uterine blood
c. adoption
d. all the above

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