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Syllabus | MPHJS | Madhya Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Examination | M.P. District Judge (Entry Level) Examination

Madhya Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Examination

The Selection/ Recruitment process shall be completed in three Stages:
A. Online Preliminary/ Screening Exam
B. Main Written Exam
C. Interview

A. Online Preliminary/ Screening Examination

Pattern and Syllabus of Online Preliminary Examination

The Online Preliminary (Screening) Examination shall be conducted online, through the portal, website and system of MPOnline Ltd. Bhopal and there shall be objective multiple choice questions wherein the candidates shall have four options to select the right answer to be given in online examination.

Question Paper for Online Preliminary Examination shall contain 150 multiple choice questions to be solved within a period of Two Hours (120 Minutes).

The Syllabus with proportionate marks shall be as given hereinafter:
  1. I.P.C., Cr.P.C. & Evidence Act (No. of Ques.- 30) (Marks- 30)
  2. C.P.C., T.P. Act & Contract Act (No. of Ques.- 20) (Marks- 20)
  3. Constitution of India (No. of Ques.- 10) (Marks- 10)
  4. Specific Relief Act (No. of Ques.- 5) (Marks- 5)
  5. N.D.P.S. Act (No. of Ques.- 4) (Marks- 4)
  6. Limitation Act (No. of Ques.- 3) (Marks- 3)
  7. Negotiable Instrument Act (No. of Ques.- 3) (Marks- 3)
  8. M.P. Land Revenue Code (No. of Ques.- 5) (Marks- 5)
  9. M.P. Accommodation Control Act (No. of Ques.- 5) (Marks- 5)
  10. Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act & Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act (No. of Ques.- 7)(Marks- 7)
  11. SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocity) Act (No. of Ques.- 3) (Marks- 3)
  12. Motor Vehicle Act (Chapter X, XI & XII only) (No. of Ques.- 3) (Marks- 3)
  13. Court Fees Act, Indian Registration Act & Indian Stamp Act (No. of Ques.- 7) (Marks- 7)
  14. General Knowledge (No. of Ques.- 15) (Marks- 15)
  15. Computer Knowledge (No. of Ques.- 10) (Marks- 10)
  16. General English (No. of Ques.- 10) (Marks- 10)
  17. Law Lexicon & Maxims (No. of Ques.- 5) (Marks- 5)
  18. Medical Jurisprudence (No. of Ques.- 5) (marks- 5)
Note: Out of above there shall, also, be some questions on basis of leading/ latest Supreme Court Decisions and some questions based on F.B. Decisions of M.P. High Court.

B. Main Written Examination

Pattern and Syllabus of Main Examination

There shall be Four Descriptive Question Papers, each to be solved within Three Hours and there shall be Two days for Main Examination, on first day there shall be examination of 1st and 2nd question papers and on the next day examination of 3rd and 4th question papers.

1st Paper- Civil Laws & Procedure (100 Marks)
  1. Constitution of India (Max. Marks- 22)
  2. Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (Max. Marks- 22)
  3. Transfer of Property Act, 1882 (Max. Marks- 16)
  4. Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Max. Marks- 16)
  5. Specific Relief Act, 1963 (Chapter I,II & VI to VIII) (Max. Marks- 8)
  6. Limitation Act, 1963 (Part II & III) (Max. Marks- 8)
  7. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (Sections- 5,9,10,13A,13B,24 to 27) (Max. Marks- 8)
2nd Paper- Writing Skill, Court Practice and Current Legal Knowledge (100 Marks)
  1. Article on Legal Topic (In Hindi)- (Max. Marks- 20)
  2. Summary Writing (in English) (For Summary Writing, a matter like copy of Plaint, Written Statement or Charge Sheet/ Complaint may be given and the candidate shall be asked to summarize it into 1/3rd of the matter given) (Max. Marks- 20)
  3. Knowledge of Current Leading Cases (Leading/ Latest Supreme Court Decisions and Full Bench Decisions of M.P. High Court since last five years) ( Max. Marks- 30)
  4. Translation- (1) From Hindi to English (Max. Marks- 15); (2) From English to Hindi (Max. Marks- 15)
3rd Paper- Criminal Laws & Procedure (100 Marks)
  1. Indian Penal Code, 1860 ( Max. Marks- 24)
  2. Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 ( Max. Marks- 24)
  3. Evidence Act, 1872 ( Max. Marks- 24)
  4. Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 ( Max. Marks- 14)
  5. S.C. & S.T. (Prevention of Atrocity) Act, 1989 (Sections- 2 to 18, 14 and 18) ( Max. Marks- 14)
4th Paper- Judgment Writing (100 Marks)
  1. Settlement of Issues (10 Marks)
  2. Framing of Charges (10 Marks)
  3. Judgment Writing (Civil) (40 Marks)
  4. Judgment Writing (Criminal) (40 Marks)
C. Interview/ Viva Voce

The Interview/ Viva-voce shall carry 50 marks and minimum 40% marks to be secured by the candidate to be finally selected.

[Updated on 23.12.2018]

Disclaimer: Author has tried his best to provide syllabus that is true and accurate as of the date of writing; however, all the syllabii on the the present blog should be double checked for their accuracy and current applicability. For details click here.    

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