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Question Paper | Uttarakhand PCS(J) Pre 2009 | Uttarakhand Judicial Service Civil Judge (Junior Division) (Preliminary) Examination- 2009

Uttarakhand Judicial Service Civil Judge (Junior Division) (Preliminary) Examination- 2009

Question Number: 121-130

121. The term ‘Musha’ under Muslim Law means—
(A) Divided property
(B) Joint property
(C) Separate property
(D) Undivided share in property

122. A Sunni Muslim performs marriage during the period of ‘Iddat’, the marriage is—
(A) Void
(B) Valid
(C) Irregular
(D) Voidable

123. A Muslim mother is entitled to the custody of her female child until she attains—
(A) The age of 7 years
(B) Puberty
(C) Age of 11 years
(D) Age of 15 years

124. Dissolution of Muslim marriage by agreement is known as—
(A) Talaq in ahsan
(B) Illa
(C) Zihar
(D) Khula

125. Which ‘Wasiyat’ is invalid in Muslim Law ?
(A) Wasiyat made in favour of religious school
(B) Wasiyat made to the killer of legator
(C) Wasiyat made for charity
(D) Wasiyat made to a nonmuslim

126. Which of the following is not a ground of divorce under the ‘Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act’, 1939 ?
(A) Absence of husband for four years or more
(B) Imprisonment of husband for two years
(C) Failure of husband to maintain his wife
(D) Impotency of husband

127. Which of the following statement is not correct with regard to Muslim Law ?
(A) Nephew gets twice the share of niece
(B) Son gets twice the share of a daughter
(C) Brother gets twice the share of a sister
(D) Widower gets twice the share of a widow

128. What is right of ‘Pre-emption’ ?
(A) A right to seek eviction of tenant and get vacant possession
(B) A right to purchase property in preference to other person
(C) A right to presume adversely
(D) None of the above

129. Rule against perpetuity will not be applicable in—
(A) Perpetual transfer for gift
(B) Personal contracts
(C) Vested interest
(D) All of the above

130. Under the Provisions of Transfer of Property Act, the unborn child acquires vested interest—
(A) Upon his birth
(B) 7 days after his birth
(C) 12 days after his birth
(D) 18 years after his birth

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