Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Question Paper | HCS (J.B.) Pre 2010 | HCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

HCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

Question Number: 121-125

121. Which of the following is a human rights organization?
(a) l.L.O.
(b) Amnesty International
(c) I.e.J
(d) Human agency organizations

122. Which of the following countries is not amember of SAARC?
(a) Bhutan
(b) Myanmar
(c) Nepal
(d) Pakistan

123. Fourth Estate refers to
(a) Press
(b) Parliament
(c) Executive
(d) None of the above

124. Who is the present Secretary General of United Nations Organization
(a) Ban-Ki-Moon
(b) George Bush
(c) Robert Blackwell
(d) None of the above

125. 'West Bank' is a disputed territory between
(a) Syria and Israel
(b) Palestine and Israel
(c) Jordan and Israel
(d) None of the above

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