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Question Paper | PCS (J.B.) Pre 2010 | PCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

PCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

Question Number: 41-50

41. In which the following, the right of private defence does not extend to cause death of the offender?
(a) Rape
(b) Gratifying unnatural lust
(c) Causing miscarriage
(d) Kidnapping

42. A confession to be inadmissible under section 25 of Evidence Act
(a) must relate to the same crime for which he is charged
(b) must relate to another crime
(c) may relate to the same crime or any other crime
(d) none of the above

43. What can be the maximum gap between the two sessions of Parliament?
(a) Three months
(b) Four months
(c) Six months
(d) Nine months

44. Which of the following writs literally means 'you may have the body'?
(a) Habeas Corpus
(b) Mandamus
(c) Quo Warranto
(d) Certiorari

45. Which of the following Union Territories has a Legislature
(a) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(b) Dadra and nagar Haveli
(c) Pondicherry
(d) Chandigarh

46. A dual economy means
I. the existence of black money and white money
II. the existence of agriculture and industry
III. the existence of commercial agriculture with subsistence farming
IV. modern industry and commercial agriculture co-existing with subsistence farming and traditional handicraft
(a) 1 only
(b) II only
(c) III only
(d) II, III and IV

47. The term 'epicentre' is concerned with
(a) Nuclear explosion
(b) Earthquakes
(c) Cyclonic storms
(d) None of the above

48. Which one is not a port on the east cost?
(a) Kolkata
(b) Paradip
(c) Kochi
(d) Visakhapatnam

49. The Indian Military Academy is located at
(a) Dehradun
(b) Mt. Abu
(c) Hyderabad
(d) Udhampur

50. Which is the National Flower of India?
(a) Sunflower
(b) Rose
(c) Lotus
(d) Marigold

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