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Syllabus | Uttarakhand HJS | Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service Exam

Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service Examination

The examination will be held in three stages:

(I) Preliminary Examination

The Preliminary examination shall be based on objective type multi choice questions (MCQ) of the duration of about 1 hour to test the overall knowledge of the candidates with respect to the followings :
(a) English Language
(b) General Knowledge
(c) Current Affairs
(d) History and Geography
(e) Science and Technology
(f) Sports
(g) General Law and the Constitution of India

(II) Main Examination

The main written test amongst the candidates successful in Preliminary Examination, will comprise of three papers carrying 100 marks each. Each paper will be of 2 hours duration. The basic knowledge of computer operation mentioned in Part I of Paper I of Main examination shall qualify that the candidate should be able to operate Microsoft Windows Operating System & Microsoft Office.

Syllabus for Main Examination

Paper No.1 (100 Marks)

It will be divided into two parts: -

Part- I (50 Marks)
Current Affairs, Indian Legal History, Legal Maxims, Medical Jurisprudence, Basic knowledge of Computer Operation, Legal Phraseology.

Part-II (Language) (50 Marks)
(a) Essay in English
(b) Precis writing in English
(c) Translation of Hindi to English and English to Hindi specially containing the legal phrases.

Paper No. 2 (100 Marks)

The questions will be restricted to the field concerning:-

(1) Civil Law (40 Marks)
(2) Criminal Law (40 Marks)
(3) Constitutional Law (20 Marks)

Paper No. 3 (100 Marks)

(1) Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (30 Marks)
(2) Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (30 Marks)
(3) Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (30 Marks)
(4) Legal Drafting i.e. Framing of Charges, Issues and Judgment writing, etc. (10 Marks)

(III) Viva-Voce

Viva-Voce will be of 100 marks.

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