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Question Paper | UPPCS(J) Pre 2013 | General Knowledge Paper | Uttar Pradesh Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Exam 2013

Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Examination- 2013

General Knowledge

Question Number: 121-130
121- The British imperial capital was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi during the time of
(a) Canning
(b) Napier
(c) Lytton
(d) Hardinge

122- Who sponsored the resolution in the Lahore Session of Indian National Congress, 1929 regarding the condemnation of bomb attack non the Viceroy?
(a) M.K.Gandhi
(b) Motilal Nehru
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.

123- Who among the following was the first Indian Woman President of the Indian National Congress?
(a) Aruna Asaf Ali
(b) Sarojini Naidu
(c) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
(d) Annie Besant

124- Which of the following states of India has the largest area under tobacco cultivation?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Karnataka
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Gujarat

125- In which one of the following States shifting cultivation is prevalent?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Bihar
(c) Gujarat
(d) Nagaland.

126- Most of the production of Natural Gas in India comes from
(a) Andhra Pradesh Cost
(b) Gujarat Cost
(c) Bombay Cost
(d) Tamil Nadu Cost.

127- Which river is called ‘biological desert’ on account of its pollutants?
(a) Yamuna
(b) Periyar
(c) Damodar
(d) Mahanadi

128- Which one of the following States is bounded by Bangladesh on three sides?
(a) Mizoram
(b) Meghalaya
(c) West Bengal
(d) Tripura

129- Which one of the following rivers flow through a rift valley?
(a) Chambal
(b) Narmada
(c) Cauvery
(d) Godavari.

130- In which part of India the Volcanic Barren Island is located?
(a) Andaman group of islands
(b) Nicobar group of islands
(c) Lakshadweep
(d) None of these.

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