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Question Paper | Uttarakhand HJS (Pre) 2011 | Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination 2011

Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2011

Section- C

Question Number: 71-80

71. Debarred
(A) objected
(B) prevented
(C) questioned
(D) abused

(III) In the following questions give the one word equivalent choosing from the options give.

72. A person who dies without making a will is said to die-
(A) unstated
(B) intestate
(C) unwillingly
(D) accidentally

73. The scientific study of the eye is known as-
(A) Optology
(B) Ophthalmology
(C) Olfactory
(D) Photometry

74. A lady who remains unmarried is called-
(A) Widow
(B) Spinster
(C) Divorcee
(D) Sister

75. If a man appears more like a woman, he is said to be-
(A) feminine
(B) effeminate
(C) familiar
(D) Amazonian

Section - D

76. Entering into a second marriage while the spouse is living is termed-
(A) polygamy
(B) monogamy
(C) bigamy
(D) none of the above

77. The person making an affidavit is called-
(A) defendant
(B) deponant
(C) applicant
(D) witness

78. Collective term used for Advocates as a body is-
(A) Bench
(B) Bar
(C) Association
(D) Council

79. Which of the following term means "under consideration of a Court of Law"?
(A) sine qua non
(B) res judicata
(C) double jeopardy
(D) sub judice

80. The meaning of word "in limine" is-
(A) On the threshold
(B) In place of
(C) In default
(D) In open court

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