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Question Paper | UPPCS(J) Pre 2013 | General Knowledge Paper | Uttar Pradesh Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Exam 2013

Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Examination- 2013

General Knowledge

Question Number: 11-20

11- Who is the First Law Officer of the Government of India?
(a) Union Law Minister
(b) Attorney General of India
(c) Law Secretary
(d) Chief Justice of India

12- Which one of the following States was the first to introduce Panchayati Raj system?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Haryana
(c) Rajasthan
(d) West Bangal

13- The Principle of Fundamental Rights cannot be amended under Article 368, was propounded by the Supreme Court of India in.
(a) Maneka Gandhi V. Union of India
(b) Golak Nath V. State of Punjab
(c) Keshavanand Bharti V. State of Kerala
(d) Gopalan Vs. State of Madras

14- Which one of the following States does not have a bicameral legislature?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Bihar
(d) Karnataka

15- Who presides over the Lok Sabha in the absence of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker?
(a) Leader of the opposition
(b) Senior most member of the House.
(c) A member of the six members panel determined by the Speaker.
(d) Secretary General of the Lok Sabha.

16- The Finance Commission, as laid down in Article 280 of the Constitution is constituted by
(a) Prime Minister
(b) President of India
(c) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India
(d) Parliament

17- The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act came into force from
(a) 1st April, 2008
(b) 1st January 2009
(c) 1st April 2010
(d) 1st July 2011

18- The Committee on Parliament which has the largest membership is
(a) The committee on Privileges
(b) The Public Account Committee
(c) The Estimate Committee
(d) The Committee on Public Undertakings

19- The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under direct supervision of
(a) Ministry of Home Affairs
(b) Ministry of Parliament Affairs
(c) Prime Minister’s office
(d) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

20- Who decides whether a bill is money bill or not?
(a) The President
(b) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
(c) The Finance Secretary
(d) The Finance Minister

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