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Solved Paper | HCS(JB) Pre 2011 | Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination- 2011

HCS (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination- 2011

Question Number:121-125
121. On default in filing of written statement under Order 8, Rule 10 of CPC, pronouncement of judgment
a. is mandatory
b. discretionary
c. directory
d. none of the above

Ans. b

122. Parties by their consent/ agreement
a. can confer jurisdiction on a court, where there is none in law
b. can oust the jurisdiction of the court where there is one in law
c. can oust the jurisdiction of one of the courts when there are two courts simultaneously having jurisdiction in law.
d. none of the above.

Ans. c

123. Provisions of Section 10 of CPC are
a. directory
b. mandatory
c. discretionary
d. none of the above

Ans. b

124. Provisions of Section 80 of CPC are binding on
a. the court of a Civil Judge
b. the court of District Judge
c. the High Court
d. all of the above

Ans. d

125. Review is maintainable
a. when an appeal is provided, but no appeal preferred
b. when no appeal is provided
c. both (a) & (b)
d. neither (a) nor (b)

Ans. c

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