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Question Paper | Uttarakhand HJS Pre 2009 | Uttarakhand Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Exam- 2009

Uttarakhand Higher Judicial service (Preliminary) Examination- 2009

Question Number: 11-20

11. Assertion (A) : The Congress Ministries in all the provinces resigned in the year 1939.
Reason (R) : The Congress did not accept the decision of the Viceroy to declare war against Germany in the context of the Second World War.

12. Assertion (A) : Emperor Akbar marched towards Afghanistan in 1581 with a huge army.
Reason (R) : He was on his way to reclaim his ancestral country of Ferghana in Central Asia.

13. Assertion (A) : Unlike temperate forests, the tropical rain forests, if cleared; can yield productive farmland that can support intensive agriculture for several years even without chemical fertilizers.
Reason (R) : The primary productivity of the tropical rain forest is very high when compared to that of the temperate forests.

14. Assertion (A) : Marathas emerged as the strongest native power in India after the decline of Mughal empire.
Reason (R) : Marathas were the first to have clear concept of a united Indian nation.

15. Right to life emanates from-
(A) Article 21 and includes right to die
(B) Article 19 and does not include right to die
(C) Article 19 and 20 and does not include right to die
(D) Article 21 and does not include right to die

16. That "no person accused of an offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself" is a/an-
(A) directive principle which the State should apply while enacting criminal laws
(B) human right under the Universal declaration of Human Rights to which India is a party
(C) fundamental right
(D) ordinary constitutional right

17. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(A) The Chief Election Commissioner of India holds his office during the pleasure of the President
(B) The Governor of a State holds his office during the pleasure of the President
(C) The Prime Minister can only be removed by a resolution passed by both houses of Parliament
(D) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha can be removed at the pleasure of the President

18. On receipt of the report from the Governor of a State that the Government of the State cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the President of India under Article 356-
(A) has to proclaim President's rule in the State
(B) has to dismiss the State Govt. and dissolve the Legislative Assembly
(C) has to dismiss the Government but keep the Legislative Assembly in a State of suspended animation
(D) may refuse to impose President's rule in the State

19. Under Article 368, Parliament has no power to repeal Fundamental Rights because these are-
(A) enshrined in Part III of the Constitution
(B) human rights
(C) transcendental rights
(D) part of basic structure or essential framework of the Constitution

20. An agreement made under mistake of fact, by both the parties, forming the essential subject matter of the agreement is-
(A) void
(B) voidable
(C) valid
(D) unenforceable

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