Friday, September 12, 2014

Question Paper | UPHJS Pre 2014 | Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Exam- 2014

Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2014

Question Number: 01-10

1. Among the following cities, which one is nearest to the Topic of Cancer.
(A) Delhi
(B) Kolkata
(C) Jodhpur
(D) Nagpur

2. Which one of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution provides that it shall be the duty of the Union to protect every state against external aggression and internal disturbance?
(A) Article 215
(B) Article 275
(C) Article 325
(D) Article 353

3. Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately, by special majority?
(A) Ordinary Bill
(B) Money Bill
(C) Finance Bill
(D) Constitution Amendment Bill

4. Nanda Devi peak forms a part of
(A) Assam Himalayas
(B) Kumaon Himalayas
(C) Nepal Himalayas
(D) Punjab Himalayas

5. Who is the author of the book ‘New Dimensions of India’s Foreign Policy'?
(A) A.B. Vajpayee
(B) Jaswant Singh
(C) P.C. Alexander
(D) Yashwant Sinha

6. Which country won the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup- 2014 ?
(A) India
(B) South Africa
(C) Australia
(D) England

7. Which of the following is the lightest metal?
(A) Mercury
(B) Silver
(C) Lithium
(D) Lead

8. Nathu La pass connects.
(A) Sikkim and Tibet
(B) Himachal Pradesh to Tibet
(C) Uttrakhand to Tibet
(D) Arunachal Pradesh to China

9. Which of the following sets of bills is presented to the parliament along with budget?
(A) Direct taxes and indirect taxes bill
(B) Contingency bill and Appropriation bill
(C) Finance bill and Appropriation bill
(D) Finance bill and Contingency bill

10. Novation of a contract under Indian Contract Act means-
(A) Cancellation of contract
(B) Alteration of the contract
(C) The renewal of original contract
(D) Substitution of a new contract in place of original contract

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