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Question Paper | Punjab Superior Judicial Service (Preliminary) Exam 2012

Punjab Superior Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination 2012

Question Number: 101-110

101. Legal character or right under Section 34 of the Specific Relief Act, must be
(a) specific
(b) abstract
(c) contingent
(d) any of the above

102. The Limitation Act, 1963 contains
(a) 32 Sections and 151 Articles
(b) 31 Sections and 137 Articles
(c) 33 Sections and 137 Articles
(d) 31 Sections and no Articles

103. The minimum period of limitation prescribed in the Limitation Act is
(a) One month
(b) 30 days
(c) 10 days
(d) 15 days

104. The operation of Limitation Act, 1963 is
(a) Prospective only
(b) Retrospective only
(c) Both prospective and retrospective
(d) None of the above

105. Limitation Act, 1963 applies to
(a) Suits, appeals and applications
(b) only suits
(c) only suits and appeals
(d) None of the above

106. Bill of Exchange includes
(a) Only hundi
(b) Only cash, hundi and cheque
(c) Only hundi and cheque
(d) None of the above

107. Any claim by way of a set off or a counter claim shall be treated as
(a) a separate suit
(b) the same suit
(c) may be separate or same suit
(d) None of the above

108. Legal disability means
(a) Minority and Idiocy
(b) Insanity and Idiocy
(c) Idiocy and Minority
(d) Minority, Insanity and Idiocy

109. While computing the period of limitation, the day from which such period is to be reckoned
(a) shall be included
(b) shall be excluded
(c) may be included or excluded
(d) none of the above

110. X took leave to sue as a pauper on the last day of limitation period i.e. on 1.1.2000. Court did not grant such permission and asked him to pay the court fee within one week
(a) His suit will commence on 1.1.2000
(b) His suit will commence on 8.1.2000
(c) His suit would be rejected
(d) None of the above

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