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Question Paper | Uttarakhand Judicial Service Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Exam- 2013

Uttarakhand Judicial Service Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Examination- 2013


Part – I

Question Number: 31-40

31. Which of the following case is related to Right to Information Act, 2005 ?
(a) Lily Thomas V/s Union of India
(b) Nandini Sundaram V/s Union of India
(c) Namit Sharma V/s Union of India
(d) None of the above

32. Balaji Raghwan V/s Union of India AIR 1996 SC 770 is related with which of the following Article of the Constitution of India ?
(a) 25
(b) 29
(c) 18
(d) 12

33. Article 239 AB of the Constitution provides
(a) Power of administrator to promulgate ordinances during recess of legislature.
(b) Power of the President to make regulations for certain Union Territories.
(c) Provision in case of failure of constitutional machinery of National Capital Territory.
(d) None of the above

34. Article 371 E of the Constitution deals with
(a) Establishment of Central University in Andhra Pradesh
(b) Special provisions with respect to the State of Sikkim
(c) Special provision with respect to State of Mizoram
(d) None of the above

35. Medha Kotwal Lele V/s Union of India 2012 S.C. is related with
(a) Mercy Killing
(b) Sexual Harassment of Women at work place
(c) Domestic violence
(d) Fake encounter

36. “International Law may be defined as the body of law which is composed for its greater part of the principles and rules of conduct which the States feel themselves bound to observe.” Defined by
(a) Charles Cheney Hyde
(b) Kent
(c) Oppenheim
(d) Westlake

37. Which of the following case is associated with the issue of ‘domicile’ in the State concerned for getting elected to the Council of States ?
(a) Rameshwar Prasad V/s Union of India
(b) Kuldip Nayar V/s Union of India
(c) S.R. Bommai V/s Union of India
(d) Satwant Singh V/s Asst. Passport Officer

38. In which Article of the Constitution of India, provision has been made for “Finance Commission” ?
(a) 366 (12)
(b) 280
(c) 265
(d) None of the above

39. Read the following :
Assertion (1) : Parliament has passed the National Food Security Act, 2013.
Assertion (2) : The Supreme Court has held that it is the duty of the State to provide food to every needy. Of the above
(a) Only (1) is true.
(b) Only (2) is true.
(c) Both (1) and (2) are true.
(d) Both (1) and (2) are false.

40. ‘Full faith and credit shall be given throughout the territory of India to public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of the Union and of every State,’ is provided under which Article of the Constitution of India ?
(a) Article 261
(b) Article 260
(c) Article 32 (3) and Article 226 (3)
(d) Article 226 (2)

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