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Question Paper | HCS(JB) (Pre) 2011 | Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Exam- 2011

HCS (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination 2011

Question Number: 71-80

71. Fight under Section 159 of IPC signifies
a. two opposite parties actively involved
b. two parties one of which is passive
c. two parties both of which are passive
d. none of the above

72. Misconduct in public by a drunken person is
a. public mischief.
b. annoyance
c. intentional insult
d. all of the above

73. Which of the following is defamation:
a. X says, "Y is an honest man, he never stole Z's watch," intending to cause it to be believed that Y did steal Z's watch.
b. X is asked, "who stole Z's watch?" X points to Y.
c. X draws a picture of Y running away with Z's watch.
d. All of the above.

74. Assault can be caused by
a. gestures
b. preparations
c. both (a) & (b)
d. neither (a) nor (b)

75. Trespass being made in a surreptitious manner (concealment) is called
a. house-trespass
b. house-breaking
c. lurking house-trespass
d. none of the above

76. The word 'takes' in Section 361of IPC signifies
a. taking by force
b. taking by fraud
c. physical taking
d. all the above

77. The expression 'harm' is used in Section 81 of the Indian Penal Code in the sense of
a. hurt
b. injury or damage
c. physical injury
d. moral wrong or evil

78. Which one of the following is not a "Public Servant":-
a. liquidator
b. a Civil Judge
c. member of a panchayat assisting a Court of Justice
d. secretary of a Co-operative Society

79. The causing of death of child in the mother's womb is not homicide under
a. Indian law only
b. English law only
c. Both English and Indian law
d. neither in Indian law nor in English law

80. The difference between Section 34 and Section 149 of Indian Penal Code is
a. that whereas in Section 34 there must at least be five persons, Section 149 requires only two persons
b. that Section 149 is only a rule of evidence whereas Section 34 creates a specific offence and provides for its punishment
c. that Section 34 requires active participation in action whereas Section 149 requires mere passive membership of the unlawful assembly .
d. that Section 34 need not be joined with the principle offence,whereas Section 149 must be combined with the principle offence.

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