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Question Paper | HCS(JB) (Pre) 2011 | Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Exam- 2011

HCS (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination 2011

Question Number: 21-30

21.1ndira Swahney V. Union of India is a case popularly known as:
a. Ayodhya judgment
b. Mandai judgment
c. Suicide judgment
d. Election Commission judgment

22.The Advisory opinion tendered by the Supreme Court:
a. is binding on the President
b. is not binding on the President
c. is binding on the President only if it is unanimously made
d. is not made public at all

23.Among the following States, which one sends the highest number of members to Lok Sabha?
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Bihar
c. Kamataka
d. Madhya Pradesh

24. A contract, which is formed without the free consent of the parties, is
a. void ab initio
b. void
c. illegal
d. void ableat the instance of the party whose consent was not free.

25. Which of the following legal pleas need not be pleaded
a. estoppel
b. limitation
c. res-judicata
d. none of the above

26. At present the Vice President of India is:-
a. Meera Kumari
b. Bhairon SinghShekhawat
c. Dr.KaranSingh
d. A.H.Ansari

27. Thesmallestmilitary outfit is called a
a. Division
b. Brigade
c. Section
d. Platoon

28. India's largest and most sophisticated indigenously built warship which was commissioned in 1994-95 is:
a. INS Delhi
b. INS Mysore
c. INS Satpura
d. INS Kulish

29. The Battle of Longewala took place in the year:
a. 1965
b. 1967
c. 1969
d. 1971

30. The National Anthem was first sung at this session of the Indian National Congress in 1911:-
a. Pune
b. Calcutta
c. Lucknow
d. Ahmedabad

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