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Question Paper | HCS(JB) (Pre) 2011 | Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Exam- 2011

HCS (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination 2011

Question Number: 101-110

101. Insanity is a ground for
a. getting the marriage annulled as voidable
b. judicial separation
c. divorce
d. all the above

102. Remedy of restitution of conjugal rights is aimed at
a. dissolving the marriage
b. preserving the marriage
c. both (a) & (b)
d. either (a) or (b)

103. Under Muslim Law, the only natural guardian is
a. Father
b. Mother
c. Grand-father
d. Grand-mother

104. The renunciation of Islam by a married Muslim women of her conversion to a faith other than Islam
a. shall not by itself dissolve marriage
b. shall by itself dissolve marriage
c. may by itself dissolve marriage
d. none of the above

105. Mother's right to have the custody of minor child is known as
a. Hizamat
b. Hazina
c. Khula
d. Ahula

106. A decision on issue of law
a. shall always operate as res-judicata
b. shall never operate as res-judicata
c. may or may not operate as res-judicata
d. none of the above

107. A defendant under Order V,Rule 1(1) of CPC is required to appear, answer the claim and to file the written statement
a. within 90 days from the date of service of summons
b. within 60 days from the date of service of summons
c. within 30 days from the date of service of summons
d. within 15 days from the date of service of summons

108.A party filing affidavit in reply to interrogatories
a. can be cross-examined upon it
b. the other party can adduce evidence to contradict it
c. can neither cross-examine nor adduce any evidence to contradict it, as it is a conclusive proof
d. none of the above

109. A person arrested & detained in civil imprisonment in execution of a decree can be released
a. on payment of the outstanding amount
b. on the ground of illness of self
c. on the ground of illness of a member of his family
d. both (a) and (b)

110. A plaint can be rejected
a. under Order8, Rule 10 of CPC
b. under Order8, Rule 10A of CPC
c. under Order7, Rule 11 of CPC
d. none of the above

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