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Question Paper | Haryana Superior Judicial Service (Preliminary) Exam 2012

Haryana Superior Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination 2012

Question Number: 21-30

21. If a mitakshara co-parcener is given away in adoption, his interest in the joint family property shall
(a) Cease to exist on his adoption
(b) Continue to rest in him together with any liabilities attached thereto
(c) Continue to rest in him but without any liabilities attached thereto
(d) Cease to exist on attaining majority

22. Impossible agreement are
(a) Illegal
(b) Void
(c) Valid
(d) Both (a) and (c)

23. In case of summary trial by special judge a convicted person shall not file appeal if
(a) Sentence of imprisonment not exceeding One month
(b) Sentence of imprisonment not exceeding Two months
(c) Sentence of imprisonment not exceeding Three months
(d) None of the above

24. In cognizable offences a police officer can
(a) Only Investigate the offence
(b) Only Arrest the accused
(c) Only Record First Information Report
(d) Has power to arrest without warrant and investigate the case without order from the court

25. In Indira Gandhi v. Raj Narain, which of the following was held to be the Basic Structure of the Indian Constitution
(a) Free and Fair election
(b) Judicial Review
(c) Both (a) 86 (b)

26. In which case the Supreme Court of India held that polygraph test Conducted under compulsion is violative of article 20(3) of the Constitution
(a) Selvi v. State of Karnataka (2010)
(b) Aruna R. Shanbaug v. Union of India (2011)
(c) Rattan Lal v. State of Punjab (1965)
(d) M.P. Sharma v. Satish Chandra (1954)

27. Jurisdiction to release an accused on anticipatory bail is not with
(a) High Court
(b) Sessions Court
(c) Chief Judicial Magistrate
(d) Both (B) and (C)

28. Legal Aid to the accused at the State expense, is a provisions of law under the of Cr.P.C.
(a) Section 301
(b) Section 302
(c) Section 303
(d) Section 304

29. Maximum limit for solitary confinement under Section 73 of IPC is
(a) Three months
(b) Six months
(c) One year
(d) Two years

30. Meaning of good faith under IPC is doing any thing
(a) Honestly
(b) In Bona-fide manner
(c) with due care and attention
(d) without fault

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