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Question Paper | UPHJS 2007 | Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Examination- 2007

Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Examination- 2007

Notes :
(i) All questions are to be attempted.
(ii) Answer can be given in English or Hindi.
(iii) Each question in part ‘A’ carries 2 marks and each question in part ‘B’ carries 5 marks.


1. Who was the founder of Maurya Dynasty?
2. Amir Khusaro the famous poet was associated with the Court of emperor?
3. Among the Mughal Emperor, who ruled for the longest period?
4. Mention the first Tirthankara of Lainism and also mention the birth and Nirvan place of Mahavira?
5. Mention the birth place and place of death of Maharani Laxmibai (Jhansi Ki Rani) ?
6. Who is known as Shere-e-Punjab among Freedom Fighters?
7. The holy Bible’s scripture of two faiths, name them?
8. Who wrote following books?
(a) Ramayan
(b) Uttar Ram Charitra
(c) Poverty of Philosophy
(d) Life Divine
9. Which line divides following
(a) the territory of India and Pakistan
(b) India and China
10. Write the places from which the following river originates?
(a) Narmada
(b) Brahmputra
11. Which is the highest mountain peak in India?
12. Name the river on which ‘Bhakhara Nangal Project’ has been established?
13. Name one factor for which the following cities are famous?
(a) Anand
(b) Bokaro
(c) Kochi
(d) Kolar
14. Which are two days in a year when day and night are equal?
15. Which is the brightest planet in our Solar System?
16. Name the first Chief Justice of India, who officiated as President of India (due to office of President and Vice-President being vacant) ?
17. Name the first speaker of Lok Sabha?
18. Constitution of India consists of how many Articles and how many Schedules?
19. Name the States which have bi-cameral Legislature?
20. Name the year in which last census was held in India?
21. Which High Court gave a historic verdict that ‘Bands organized by political parties are unconstitutional and illegal and they violate fundamental rights?
22. Who is the Indian born Environmentalist who has been awarded ‘Nobel Prize’ for 2007?
23. Which type of bills can become law despite disapproval by Rajya Sabha?
24. Who is founder of Law Day and on which day it is celebrated?
25. Which is the first month of our National Calendar?
26. Who was the first Indian woman Advocate?
27. Name the political leader, who had been Member of Parliament for two terms and has been convicted of death sentence by Sessions Court recently?
28. Name the script writer of film ‘Chak De India’ ?
29. Which European country was first to abolish death sentence and when?
30. Abbreviate the followings:
(a) I.A.E.A.
(b) T.R.A.I.
(c) G.A.T.T.
(d) I.S.B.N.
31. Name the largest group of island in the world?
32. Who is called father of ‘Green Revolution in India’ ?
33. Who said “a thing of beauty is a joy for ever, its loveliness increases it will never pass into nothingness” ?
34. Name the founder members of NAM (Non Align Movement) ?
35. India is the largest exporter of which two items in the world?
36. Name the following?
(a) Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India
(b) Chief of the Army Staff
37. With which country India signed Defence Nuclear Co-operation deal on 21.02.2006?
38. In which year Planning Commission of India was set up?
39. Which scheduled bank sponsored the setting up of First Regional Rural Bank in India?
40. For import of which commodity, the India spends largest amount?
41. Which commodity earns maximum foreign exchange for India?
42. Name the year in which rupee currency was first started in India?
43. When did India become a member of International Monetary Fund?
44. How many banks were nationalized in 1969?
45. Who is the present Secretary General of UNO?
46. Which body of UNO appoints the Secretary General?
47. Name the body which awards ‘Nobel Prize’?
48. How many non-permanent members are there in the Security Council of UNO?
49. Name the member countries of ‘SAARC’?
50. Which body of UNO admits new member?
51. Name the countries which are known as G-8 countries?
52. Which motion picture has been awarded ‘Oscar Award-2006’ for best motion picture?
53. What is the universal system of writing and printing for blinds and who invented it?
54. Name the computer system which links and stores information amongst different countries in the world through satellite?
55. Name the most air polluting gas emanated by fuel of motor vehicles?
56. Name the Nuclear Power Stations running in the country and also name the States where they are situated?
57. APJ Abdul Kalam was conferred ‘Bharat Ratna’ award for his achievement in which branch of science?
58. With which India Scientist did Albert Einstein collaborated to develop the theory regarding gas like qualities of electro magnetic radiation?
59. What are the main ingredients of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ?
60. Who was CV Raman and why he is famous?


1. Mention major classical dances of India including the name of cities where these dances originated and are performed (about 50 words) ?
2. Write in about 50 words on ‘Deene Ilahi’.
3. Write about 50 words differentiating the following
(a) Longitude and Latitude
(b) Planet and Star
4. Write about 50 words on Fundamental duties under the Constitution of India.
5. Write about 50 words on ‘Ozone Layer’.
6. What is zero hours?
7. Why the name of Chaudhary Aitzaz Ahsan is in news recently?
8. Write in 50 words on US India nuclear deal.
9. Mention the important aspects of Best Bakery’s case in about 50 words.
10. What is a bull market? Explain in 50 words.
11. What is deficit financing? Explain in about 50 words.
12. Write about 50 words on 10th Five Year Plan.
13. Differentiate Ambassador and High Commissioner in about 50 words.
14. What is KOYOTO Protocol? Explain in 50 words.
15. Differentiate the following in about 50 words
(a) Speed and Velocity
(b) Arteries and Veins
16. What is cloning? How the name of Dolly is connected with it?

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