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Question Paper | PCS (J.B.) Pre 2010 | PCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

PCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

Question Number: 111-120

111. Under Hindu Law the ground for divorce is
(a) Insanity
(b) Cruelty
(c) Adultery
(d) All of these

112. Who is the Union Law Minister of India?
(a) H.R. Bhardwaj
(b) Kapil Sibal
(c) Veerappa Moily
(d) P.Chidambram

113. The Supreme Court in a significant judgment held that the Guru Granth Sahib is
(a) A juristic person
(b) The holiest of the holy books
(c) To be equated with the model
(d) Not a juristic person

114. Which of the following soccer players is associated with the tenn 'Hand of God'
(a) Pele
(b) Maradona
(c) Rooney
(d) Ronaldo

115. The Judges of the Supreme Court take an oath conducted by
(a) Chief Justice of India
(b) President or Vice-President
(c) President or some person appointed by him
(d) None

116. What is the minimum age required for voting in India?
(a) 16 years
(b) 18 years
(c) 21 years
(d) 25 years

117. Sarkaria Commission was set up to
(a) inquiring into Babri Masjid Demolition case
(b) review the Constitution
(c) review the Centre-State relations
(d) to investigate 1984 anti Sikh riots

118. Standard of proof in
(a) civil and criminal cases is the same
(b) criminal cases is much more higher than in civil cases
(c) criminal case is lower than in civil cases
(d) none of the above '.

119. The doctrine of estoppel is a
(a) substantive law
(b) rule of equity
(c) rule of evidence
(d) law of pleadings

120. To an answer to a court question, the adverse party
(a) has a right to cross-examination as a matter of right
(b) has a right to cross-examine only with the permission of the court
(c) has no right to cross-examine the witness
(d) either (a) or (c)

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