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Question Paper | UPHJS Pre 2012 | Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2012

Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2012

Question Number: 11-20

11. Recently which country has severed all its ties with United Nations Human Rights Council?
(A) Syria
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Israel
(D) Russia

12. Entomology is a science related to-
(A) Fishes
(B) Insects
(C) Reptiles
(D) Mammals

13. Thesaurus is associated with-
(A) study of religion
(B)study of God
(C) study of earth
(D) study of words

14. Tejaswani Sawant is the First Indian Woman to be crowned world champion in-
(A) Boxing
(B) Shooting
(C) Athletics
(D) Wrestling

15. During sleep the blood pressure of a man-
(A) increases
(B) decreases
(C) fluctuates
(D) remains constant

16. Tides in the ocean occur due to-
(A) attraction of the moon
(B) attraction of the sun
(C) both (A) & (B)
(D) spherical shape of the earth

17. The Nilekani panel set up in February 2011 recently submitted its report on-
(A) inflation control
(B) Lokpal Institution
(C) Public Distribution Ststem
(D) Price-mechanism

18. Red blood cells are formed in which part of our body?
(A) Liver
(B) Heart
(C) Bone marrow
(D) Kidney

19. What is the name of the first indigenously developed super computer of India?
(A) Tejas
(B) Anupam
(C) Aryabhatt
(D) Param

20. Which one of the following is correct Hindi translation of word 'revoke'?
(A) प्रत्याहरण
(B) प्रतिसंहरण
(C) प्रत्यावर्तन
(D) अपवर्तन

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