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Question Paper | UPHJS Pre 2009 | Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2009

Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination- 2009

Question Number: 51-60

51. For an offence of cheating, intention to cheat should be present-
(A) in the end
(B) in the middle
(C) Both the above
(D) from the very beginning

52. LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) leader who was killed by Srilankan Army?
(A) P.Prabhakaran
(B) S.Prabhakaran
(C) T.Prabhakaran
(D) V.Prabhakaran

53. IPL-2009 was held in-
(A) South Africa
(B) England
(C) Australia
(D) India

54. Dacoit who was killed in encounter in June, 2009 in district Chitrakoot was-
(A) Dadua
(B) Malkhan Kewat
(C) Ghanshyam Kewat
(D) Tokia mallah

55. The words “SATYAMEVA JAYATE” in the State Emblem of India have been adopted from which of the followings:
(A) Brahma Upnishad
(B) Mudgala Upnishad
(C) Maitriyi Upnishad
(D) Mundakopanishad

56. Who of the followings cannot be removed by the Parliament?
(A) Attorney General
(B) Auditor General
(C) Election Commissioner
(D) Chief Justice of India

57. Who allows the introduction of the Finance Bill?
(A) President
(B) Finance minister
(C) Prime minister
(D) Speaker

58. The largest revenue in India is obtained from-
(A) Railways
(B) Excise Duty
(C) Sales Tax
(D) Direct Tax

59. Where is the headquarter of Reserve Bank of India situated?
(A) Mumbai
(B) Delhi
(C) Kolkata
(D) Ahmedabad

60. Whose name was announced for the Bharat Ratna Award in 2008?
(A) Pandit Ravi Shanker
(B) Tapan Sinha
(C) M.S. Subba Laxmi
(D) Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

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