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Question Paper | HCS (J.B.) Pre 2010 | HCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

HCS (Judicial Branch) (Preliminary) Examination- 2010

Question Number: 61-70

61. A firm is liable to be compulsorily dissolved under Section 41 of the Indian Partnership Act on adjudication of
(a) all the partners as insolvents
(b) all but one of the partners as insolvents
(c) either (a) or (b)
(d) neither (a) nor (b)

62. A minor, who has been admitted to the benefits of the partnership, under Section 30(5) of the Indian Partnership Act on attaining majority has to exercise an option, to stay or to leave the firm, within
(a) one month of attaining majority
(b) six months of attaining majority
(c) 90 days of attaining majority
(d) none of the above

63. A partnership firm is
(a) a distinct legal entity from its partners
(b) not a distinct legal entity from its partners
(c) a juristic person
(d) None of the above

64. An illegal partnership
(a) can sue
(b) can be sued
(c) cannot be sued
(d) both (a) & (b)

65. Consider the following statements about the Queen's Baton Relay and indicate the correct ones:
1. The helix shape of the Baton for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, created out of aluminium, is coated with a graded and layered soil pattern in black, yellow and red to represent the diversity of Commonwealth nations.
2. This relay traditionally begins with a commencement ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London, during which, the Queen entrusts the Baton containing her message to the athletes to the first honorary relay runner.
3. The Relay for the 1998 Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was the first to travel to other nations of the Commonwealth.

(a) 1,2 and 3
(b) 2 and 3 only
(c) 2 only
(d) 1 and 3 only

66. Which of the following committees was constituted as per the directions of the Supreme Court ofIndia to frame guidelines on students' union elections in Colleges/Universities?
(a) Moily Committee
(b) Lyngdoh Committee
(c) Sachar Committee
(d) Ganguly Committee

67. If the Prime Minister is a member of the Rajya Sabha?
(a) He/she has to get elected to the Lok Sabha within six months
(b) He/she can declare the government's policies only in the Rajya Sabha
(c) He/she cannot vote in a no confidence motion
(d) He/she cannot take part in the budget deliberations in the Lok Sabha

68. Confederations Cup has been bagged by
(a) Argentina
(b) Chile
(c) Brazil
(d) Paraguay

69. A servant collected money from the debtor of his master as authorised by him. The servant retained the money in his hands because it was due to him as wages. He commits:
(a) criminal breach of trust
(b) theft
(c) no offence
(d) criminal misappropriation

70. 'A' finds a watch on the floor of a State Transport bus while he was leaving it as the last passenger. He picked it up and put it in his pocket instead of returning it to the State Transport authorities. Next day he sold it. 'A' is liable for:
(a) theft
(b) extortion
(c) criminal misappropriation
(d) criminal breach of trust

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